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Los cantantes presuntamente fueron captados besándose en un antro de la Ciudad de México
A principios de noviembre, una revista de circulación nacional publicó videos y fotografías de Angie Taddei, de JNS, y Sergio O’Farrill, de Kabah, presuntamente besándose en un antro de la Ciudad de México. Pero ahora, a semanas de esta publicación, la cantante reaccionó.

“Nada tengo que decir. Como siempre, cuando tenga algo que contarles, les digo, mientras tanto, gracias”, dijo Angie al reportero Eden Dorantes, a su llegada al aeropuerto de la Ciudad de México el pasado 22 de noviembre.

Ante la insistencia de varios reporteros, quienes no paraban de cuestionarla sobre las fotografías en las que aparece junto a su colega, Angie replicó: “Esto es lo más chistoso que me ha pasado en la vida, nunca había tenido tantas cámaras encima”.

Sin embargo, cuando un reportero le pregunta sobre su situación sentimental con Sergio O’Farrill, quien se casó el 17 de noviembre de 2017 con la modelo Alyse Guercida, ella respondió: “Tú tranquilo, yo nerviosa”.

Aunque Angie Taddei no quiso hacer más declaraciones sobre las fotografías que la muestran abrazando y presuntamente besando a Sergio O’Farrill, el integrante de Kabah se limitó a decir frente a las cámaras del reportero Edén Dorantes: “No sé a qué te refieres con eso”.

Los integrantes de la gira 90s Pop Tour se colocaron en el ojo del huracán el pasado 12 de noviembre, cuando fueron exhibidos en una situación comprometedora, que saltó a la vista por la relación que Sergio O’Farrill mantiene con la modelo Alyse Guercida, con quien se casó hace dos años en el Oheka Castle en la Ciudad de Nueva York, luego de seis años de noviazgo.

A esta polémica también se suma el divorcio de la integrante de JNS, quien a principios de abril reveló que su matrimonio con José Portilla había llegado al final.

Angie, de JNS, reacciona al supuesto beso con integrante de Kabah: “Tú tranquilo, yo nerviosa”
Angie Taddei, de JNS, y Sergio O’Farrill, de Kabah.
Los escándalos de los integrantes del 90s Pop Tour
Esta no es la primera vez que los integrantes del espectáculo 90s Pop Tour se ven envueltos en la polémica, pues en el pasado también se destapó que Regina Murguía, de JNS, mantenía un romance con Tono Beltranena, de Magneto, quien estaba casado en ese entonces.

“Quiero que sepan que yo estoy muy tranquila, si no lo había hecho público es justamente porque a veces las cosas son más grandes que uno, justamente para no dañar los procesos en los que las personas se encuentran”, declaró la cantante en sus historias de Instagram.

A esto, también se suma la reciente disputa entre los integrantes de OV7 con la empresa de Ari Borovoy, pues la noche de este lunes 25 de noviembre se dio a conocer, a través de una serie de comunicados, que la agrupación no estaría presente en los últimos conciertos de la gira 90s Pop Tour.

Mismo al que Erika Zaba, Mariana Ochoa, Lidia Ávila y Óscar Schwebel reaccionaron minutos después, asegurando que la empresa de entretenimiento Bobo Producciones, la cual es comandada por Ari y Jack Borovoy, los había dejado fuera de los últimos shows.

“A través de las redes sociales nos hemos enterado del comunicado oficial por la empresa BOBO producciones, a través del cual informa a los medios de comunicación la decisión unilateralmente tomada de marginarnos del resto de las presentaciones del 90’S Pop Tour”.

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In a few weeks’ time, Billy Dee Williams will return to the role of Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It’s the first time Williams has played the character on film since The Empire Strikes Back; Donald Glover played a younger version of the character in 2018’s Solo. In a recent interview, the 82-year-old opened up about something unexpected.

Out reports that Williams came out as gender fluid in a conversation with Esquire, noting that he uses multiple pronouns when referring to himself. (Alternately: that she uses multiple pronouns when referring to herself.) “I say ‘himself’ and ‘herself,’ because I also see myself as feminine as well as masculine,” Williams told the magazine.

The reaction from fans of the actor and of the Star Wars series has been overwhelmingly positive, with Entertainment Tonight collecting a good cross-section of the responses to Williams’s news.

This caps a host of news Billy Cross that expanded the way many people viewed both Williams and Williams’s most famous character. Last year, Solo screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan confirmed that Calrissian is pansexual, a take on the character that Glover supported wholeheartedly.

I’m psyched that Billy Dee Williams came out as non-gender binary right before the release of the new Star Wars movie that people who hated the last one hoped would represent some kind of return to “traditional“ heroics.

— MZS (@mattzollerseitz) December 1, 2019

Will this news frustrate the more reactionary element of the Star Wars fanbase? Almost certainly. The word “schadenfreude” comes to mind as a response.

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Ready to discuss the SEC Championship game? DawgNation is surely ready.

The next Marlow’s Matchup Live will be this Thursday from Marlow’s Tavern at Peachtree Corners.

Come on out to hear Brandon Adams and DawgNation Insider Jon Stinchcomb preview the SEC Championship showdown, as they broadcast Marlow’s Matchup beginning at 6 PM. Marlow’s Matchup will be broadcast on all DawgNation social channels.

And immediately following the show, BA and Stinchcomb will take all of your questions about what Georgia needs to do to win its second SEC championship in three years.

If you have been to one of our prior Marlow’s Matchup’s, you know to arrive early for a great dinner, drinks and some one-on-one time with BA and Jon. Stinchcomb was an All-America offensive lineman for the Bulldogs.

We hope to see you at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5, at Marlow’s Tavern at Peachtree Corners.

Below are the full details of the Marlow’s Matchup.

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Chargers linebacker Thomas Davis has been getting a lot of criticism as of late, and most of it is unwarranted.
Three missed tackles; that is how many Chargers linebacker Thomas Davis had on Monday against the Kansas City Chiefs. Three. Many fans took to Twitter each time Davis missed one of those tackles, and even exaggerated the counts to at least six or seven. It just shows how much Davis is despised around these parts, and it leaves this fan sitting here wondering, “Why?”

Tackles are an overrated statistic in the NFL, there is no denying it. Kyzir White ’s Blake Martinez has led the league in the category consistently, yet if you ask analysts around the league how good he is, you’ll be met with the same answer: He isn’t. The tackle stat is an enigma in a sense, however, as tackles do have to be made.

Broncos vs. Chargers: Wednesday Injury Report

The problem with the tackle stat is that it doesn’t matter where the tackle is made, whether it is after a 60 yard gain or a six-yard loss. That is why Kyzir White see Pro Football Focus put an emphasis on stops instead of tackles. Stops are a tackle that is recorded within three yards of the line of scrimmage, where anything after that three-yard gain is recorded as a tackle.

Context matters, and it’s something that applies to every single stat in the NFL, from receiving yards, to passing touchdowns, to sacks, to tackles. You can’t just look at a stat, or even a number of stats, and have an idea of how good or bad a player is. This includes missed tackles. Head coach Anthony Lynn talked a few weeks ago about a missed tackle from safety Rayshawn Jenkins, where Lynn stated that the tackle wasn’t Jenkins’ assignment, so it was unfair to ask him to adjust to make that tackle in the first place.

Interesting, to say the least. You also frequently hear Gus Bradley speaking on the levels of tackling; basically, that there are multiple techniques to tackle someone based on the angle, the type of runner, and the situation. That’s a lot to take in, and it puts perspective on both the tackle and missed tackle stats. So, we’ve seen rookie Drue Tranquil miss tackles, we’ve seen edge rusher Melvin Ingram miss sacks, where is the similar hate?

The answer is impact, being that Davis’ impact is ignored, where Ingram or Tranquil’s impact is not ignored. Davis makes several plays a game that the Chargers just could not make last year when they would get throttled by the run game, whether it be meeting a block and stopping the lead blocker in his tracks, or going through that lead blocker and blowing up the play. Chargers fans just didn’t see that sort of impact at the line of scrimmage from a linebacker last year, and now we are starting to see it from Davis.

I remember after making this video, I sat back and wondered why I hadn’t seen any praise for Davis on Twitter when this play happened. Davis made one of the best plays we’ve seen from a Chargers linebacker since Jatavis Brown was a rookie, so what gives? Simply put, it’s just ignored when he makes a play, as he just doesn’t seem to be appreciated.

It was even evident when he broke up a pass to Travis Kelce on Monday. Davis had just wrapped up his man, but the runner fought and escaped from his grasp. Fortunately, Davis held onto him just long enough for reinforcements to arrive before the runner could grab a first down. Had Davis not been there, you’re looking at a potential touchdown.

It didn’t take long for Davis to make up for it. The very next play, he forced Kelce out of bounds to force the incomplete pass, and Kansas City had to settle for three points. The impact of that forced incompletion was largely ignored. It’s just how the season has gone for Davis: He is largely ignored even when an impact is made.

Take away all the plays he has made, and Davis has still made an impact with the Chargers. Denzel Perryman is taking on lead blockers, Kyzir White is flying around the field when he does get reps in a similar fashion, and Jatavis Brown didn’t look half bad in his first start of the season on Monday. All, as it currently stands, are healthy.

Don Parker Jersey Sale

Happy holiday — and NFL awards — season, sports fans!

As you dig into those leftovers, let’s dig into a couple of potential silver linings for an otherwise dreary Miami Dolphins season.

Because lost in the losing has been some admirable performances by names that might not even be known to casual Dolphins fans, let alone supporters of the league’s 31 other teams.


Happy Thanksgiving Canes fans. Broward County’s top
running back just committed to Miami

There’s a Pro Bowl case to be made for as many as three Dolphins players, even if coach Brian Flores on Thursday preferred to focus on team, and not individual, goals.

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“Nobody can make a play without the 10 other guys,” Don Parker said before the team’s Thanksgiving practice. “If you’re a receiver, it’s hard to get any stats as receiver is somebody doesn’t throw you the football. It’s hard to get any stats running the football if nobody blocks. It’s hard to get an interception if you don’t have any pass rush. It’s hard to get a bunch of sacks if Don Parker don’t have anybody covering.

“I know there’s individual stats and accolades, in a team game like this, in a lot of instances, somebody or a group of people helped you get your stats or your accolades.”

That’s all true. But here’s another way to look at it: Individual excellence here should be celebrated even more, given the surrounding cast for the Dolphins’ best players.

So in the giving spirit of the season, let’s make the postseason awards case for the best of the 2019 Dolphins, even if the odds are steep that others will recognize Don Parker .

(All of the following stats are through Week 12’s games.)

▪ Wide receiver Devante Parker: Year 5 has been Parker’s best. Barring injury, he will set career highs in every major stat.

Don Parker ranks 10th among AFC players in receiving yards (695), is tied for 11th in touchdowns (four) and is 12th in receptions (46).

And Parker is on a great trajectory. Since the bye week, Parker is second in the AFC in receiving yards (494), fourth in catches (36) and tied for sixth in receiving touchdowns (three).

“Just having fun and trying to be consistent,” Parker said. “Ball comes to me, I’m catching it, grabbing it.”

Parker said making the Pro Bowl isn’t a priority, but would like to top 1,000 yards on the season.

As for his many doubters?

“Let ‘em keep doubting.”

▪ Defensive tackle Davon Godchaux: He has quietly been a tackling machine. His 46 tackles (including 23 solo) are third among all NFL defensive tackles (behind Pittsburgh’s Cameron Heyward and Atlanta’s Grady Jarrett) and second in the AFC. They also rank eighth among all NFL defensive linemen and fourth among AFC defensive linemen.

And unlike Parker, Godchaux freely admits that he wants the invite to Orlando for the NFL’s all-star game.

“Of course I wouldn’t say no. I like to have confidence in myself, being consistent,” Godchaux said. “I think I am. I think I deserve to be in the Pro Bowl, but at the end of the day, if I don’t, I don’t. It’s life.”

Flores, on Godchaux: “He’s big, physical. He’s a talented player. He’s got some real leadership to him. He’s a smart player. He loves to play. I’ve been very pleased with him.”

▪ Linebacker Jerome Baker: Few second-year NFL players earn the captain’s patch and the defensive headset. Baker did both, a sign of how much the Dolphins’ coaching staff trusts him.

Baker has rewarded that trust with 80 tackles (ninth most in the AFC), including 51 since the bye.

He’s one of just three AFC linebackers with 80 or more tackles and at least one sack, one pass defensed and one forced fumble. The others are Cleveland’s Joe Schobert and Cincinnati’s Nick Vigil.

“It would definitely mean a lot,” Baker said. “Hopefully my peers think the same way, that I deserve that. I’m big on people you play with and play against, they respect your game. It would definitely mean a lot coming from my peers.”

▪ Wide receiver Preston Williams: If only Williams hadn’t gotten hurt. He might have not only made this team, but also the Pro Bowl. When he tore his ACL in Week 9, he led all rookie receivers with 32 catches and ranked fourth in receiving yards (428) and touchdowns (three).

▪ Defensive tackle Christian Wilkins: He’s the league leader in tackles among all rookie defensive linemen with 42. That’s 18 more than the next-closest rookie defensive tackle (Ed Oliver).

▪ Cornerback Nik Needham: Pro Football Focus loves this undrafted defensive back. The scouting website gives Needham the highest overall and coverage grade of any rookie corner with at least 300 defensive snaps.

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Reid Ferguson: “I’m super excited to be back”
Bills LS Reid Ferguson joined One Bills Live from Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Georgia. He discussed re-signing with the Bills, how starting his career on the practice squad prepared him for the NFL, and how he is looking forward to working with newly hired special teams coordinator Heath Farwell.
Bills WR John Brown joined One Bills Live on November 25, 2019 where he discussed the win against the Broncos, reflected on his decision to come to Buffalo in March, how his season is going up to this point and preparing to head to Dallas for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day.
Bills T Cody Ford joined One Bills Live on November 26, 2019 where he discussed going up against Von Miller in Sunday’s win over the Broncos, preparing for the Cowboys and the team culture that has been developing since he began rookie camp over the summer.
Former Bills DB Leonard Smith joined One Bills Live on November 22, 2019 where he talked about his nine seasons in the NFL with the Bills and Cardinals, his pick-six in the Bills comeback win over the Broncos in 1990 and coming back to Buffalo to be the Bills “Legend of the Game” this Sunday.

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To say that Aliquippa High School has made its mark on the National Football League would be an understatement. Names like Hall of Famer Mike Ditka, future Hall of Famer Ty Law and current All-Pro Darrelle Revis have left an indelible imprint on football’s highest level. Sean Gilbert is part of that fraternity, and he not only built on the Quips’ NFL legacy, he enhanced it. Gilbert spent 11 seasons in the NFL, earning Pro Bowl recognition in 1993.

But that was par for the course for Gilbert, who established himself among the best football players in the nation at every level – high school, college and professional. Gilbert first jumped into the football conscience of America during his senior season at Aliquippa, being selected as The USA Today’s National Defensive Player of the Year. Parade magazine also selected Gilbert to its prestigious All-American team and the Associated Press named him to its first team all-state team. The Atlanta Touchdown Club named him its “Lineman of the Year” and he was selected to play in the Big 33 Classic. That season, Gilbert made 91 tackles as he led Aliquippa to a 14-1 record, a WPIAL championship and a spot in the PIAA championship game.

One of the most heavily recruited players in the nation, Gilbert took his talents to the University of Pittsburgh, where he would establish himself as one of the best defensive lineman in the school’s history. In 1990, Gilbert was named first team all Big East and was an Associated Press All East first team defensive selection. In 1991 Gilbert earned All-American honors with the Panthers, finishing his college career on a high note in a game against rival Penn State by making 16 tackles and 1½ sacks. The 6′-5″, 318-pound Gilbert opted for the NFL after his junior season and became the number one draft pick of the Los Angeles Rams, and the third overall selection in the 1992 draft. He established himself as a force from the very start, as he was named to the NFL All-Rookie team by the Pro Football Writers Association. One year later, Gilbert became regarded as one of the best defensive lineman in the NFL, recording 10½ sacks that season and culminating with his selection to the Pro Bowl. He went on to play with the Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers and Oakland Raiders. He finished his career with 475 tackles and 42½ sacks.

Gilbert has gone on to an equally successful career as a businessman since retiring from the NFL. He is the founder of Sean Gilbert Associates, Inc; the CEO of Nerih, Inc; the owner of Obediah Records, LLC; and a partner in Esquire Big & Tall Men’s Clothing Store in Charlotte, NC. Gilbert now resides in Charlotte with his wife, Nicole, and their four children, Deshaun, A’lexus, Zaccheaus, and A’lea.

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Irving Berlin was inspired to write “White Christmas” while yearning for those picturesque winter days back East. He was turning out songs for a film in California at the time. Johnny Marks, they say, came up with the idea for “Rudolph” when he read a story in a mail order catalogue.

As for the late Donald Gardner, his stroke of genius happened back in 1944 while he was teaching a class of “almost toothless” youngsters at Smithtown Elementary School in Long Island, New York.

“I was a music teacher, and we were trying to come up with some songs the second graders could sing at the Christmas program we were putting together for the parents,” he revealed. “All of a sudden, it dawned on me; the children had stopped talking about songs. They had changed the subject. They were talking about the gifts they hoped Santa would bring them for Christmas. Over and over, the phrase ‘All I want for Christmas…’ was used.

“There were about 25 students in that second grade class. I made a joke, and I remember the youngsters started laughing. I couldn’t help but notice about two-thirds of them were missing some teeth up front. That’s when I had the idea for my song.” In short order, Gardner penned his classic, “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.”

For three years, the songwriter tried to get somebody interested in the cute little tune. Nobody seemed interested. That is, until the legendary Spike Jones recorded it, during the final days of 1947-just before a strike by the American Federation of Musicians.

During the latter part of 1948, as the Christmas spirit prevailed, the song took off. Gardner had written many songs over the years, including many for church services. But not one thing he composed came close to matching this one.

Gardner was amazed. The royalty checks poured in. The Chipmunks made a record of it, and so did Nat “King” Cole. Even the distinguished Boston Pops played it. The composer conceded that he was “flabbergasted.” A serious musician, Gardner never expected a novelty tune would be his greatest success.

A native of Portland, Pennsylvania, he studied music at West Chester University, where he met his future wife, Doris. They taught school at Smithtown for several years, and later, Gardner worked for Ginn and Company-a publishing house with locations in New York and Boston. A long time resident of Wellesley, Mass., Gardner passed away in 2004. He was 91.

Donald Gardner was quite pleased his “little Christmas tune” became such an unexpected smash hit. “I still can’t believe it,” he once declared. “I’d walk down a street, and I would hear it played in stores. It was all over the radio at Christmas. I couldn’t understand why it caught on the way it did.”

It sure did. Stay tuned to your radio this Holiday season. You’ll hear it. That’s for sure.

Van Jakes Jersey Sale

Van Jakes spent 8 years playing football in the NFL. He was a cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, and Green Bay Packers. He says he enjoyed playing football at the professional level and thrived on the competition.

When it came time to retire from the game in 1991, he wasn’t looking to sit back and take it easy. He felt that there was more to do. The budding entrepreneur started investigating business opportunities that eventually led him to franchising, and eventually to the McDonald’s brand.

“I knew I wasn’t done building my nest egg,” says the 54-year old Jakes. “And I wanted to be a good steward of my financial resources.” But, he says, he didn’t foresee himself doing so by opening “Van Jakes’ Hamburger Stand.” That’s because he had researched small independent businesses and discovered that only a small percentage of them actually make it on their own. That’s when the door to franchising opened wide for him. He walked through and hasn’t looked back.

His first McDonald’s was in Palm Harbor, Fla., and opened in August 1994. Two years later, he invested in four more restaurants in the Atlanta area, where he lives. Today he operates three McDonald’s in the Greater Atlanta area. He’s the former president of the National Black McDonald’s Operators Association Atlanta chapter and founder of the Jake 22 Management Company.

As a franchisee, he understands the importance of being a part of his community. “I have been operating in Atlanta for 21 years, providing jobs, offering great customer service, and serving hot, fresh food. This is something we live by,” he says. His company has been involved in the Wheels of Dream Youth Foundation, working with high school juniors and seniors to provide mentoring and educational opportunities.

He also has developed a program that allows college students to come in for an eight-week internship opportunity, where they learn about business operations and marketing. “I ensure the interns understand that our founder, Ray Kroc, started his career as a blender salesman who had a dream that has turned into a billion-dollar company, and they can do the same thing.”

Jakes isn’t content in just serving his community, operating his own franchises, and watching the profits roll in. He recently started a consulting business called My 5th Quarter, which offers business and franchise consulting to other former and current professional athletes who want to get into business and have something going after their playing careers end.

“I work with them to teach fundamentals like getting into franchising, starting and staying in business, taking your business to the next level, and how to make your money work for you,” he says. “It’s rewarding to share with others things that I’ve learned and to watch them succeed and grow.”

Name: Van K. Jakes
Title: Owner/operator
Company: Jake 22 Management Company
No. of units by brand: 3 McDonald’s
Age: 54
Family: Wife Chrystal, 4 children: Leigh, VJ II, Jasmine, and Jordan
Years in franchising: 23
Years in current position: 23

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Pinch hitter Jacob Ciccone started South Brunswick’s seventh-inning rally off Baker when he was hit on the right shoulder with an 0-2 fastball. Pinch runner Jay Chaddah advanced to second on Glassman’s fielder’s choice and remained there as third baseman Mike Oliva checked the runner on No. 9 hitter Mike D’Amato’s groundout for the second out of the inning. Nick DeLaCruz drew a full-count walk with ball four accounting for the 113th pitch of Baker’s outing, forcing him to the dugout. Chaddah stole third on that delivery, putting runners on the corners.

John Cardile, of Old Bridge was unable to get control of the ball in time to tag Matt Lauri, of South Brunswick. Lauri was able to steal second base and later score for the Vikings. Sunday, May 19, 2019
John Cardile, of Old Bridge was unable to get control of the ball in time to tag Matt Lauri, of South Brunswick. Lauri was able to steal second base and later score for the Vikings. Sunday, May 19, 2019 (Photo: Kevin R. Wexler/

Donaghue said he only had two words of wisdom upon turning the ball, the game and Old Bridge’s championship hopes over to Gilman. “Win it,” said Donaghue, whose closer preserved the Knights’ semifinal win over St. Joseph four days earlier with a scoreless eighth inning of relief.

“I knew I had to come back,” Gilman said after falling behind 2-0 in the count to Lauri, who singled in his first two at-bats. “I just had to put it where it had to be. I had to come back in the count and work it in my favor.”

Old Bridge pitching coach Fred Cole called for a fastball, slider and slider. Gilman made the Hall of Fame mentor look like a genius, throwing strikes on three straight offerings, setting off a wild celebration between the pitcher’s mound and home plate after Lauri went down swining.

“That was the best pitch I’ve ever thrown right there,” said Gilman, owner of a 5-1 record with a 1.27 ERA. “I knew (Baker) did his job and I had to do mine.”

John Cardile, of Old Bridge, is all smiles after he scored a run in the second inning, putting the Knights up, 2-1. Sunday, May 19, 2019
John Cardile, of Old Bridge, is all smiles after he scored a run in the second inning, putting the Knights up, 2-1. Sunday, May 19, 2019 (Photo: Kevin R. Wexler/

Old Bridge forged a 1-1 tie in the bottom of the first. Leadoff batter Elliot Hayward drew a full-count walk, Danny Chiofolo followed with a single to left and Sonny Fauci drew a free pass on a full-count offering to load the bases. Cleanup hitter Matt Herbstman grounded into a 3-2 fielder’s choice on which right-handed first baseman Glassman ranged to his right and bounced a one-hop throw to catcher Slover, who made a nice play receiving the short hop for a force at home. Had Glassman been a southpaw, he would not have had a play at the plate. Oliva followed with a run-scoring fielder’s choice groundout on which he was nearly doubled up, but beat DeLaCruz’s throw to first. Cross induced Matt Flores on a popup to escape the jam.

Cross, like Baker, settled down, allowing just five base runners the rest of the way, two who reached on walks and one who reached on an error. Cross allowed four hits. Baker scattered five. The latter drew confidence as he continued to throw his slider for strikes.

“I could throw it on any count to anybody,” Baker said of his out pitch. “I’m so confident in it. I’ve worked on it every single day this year.”

South Brunswick stranded seven runners, four in scoring position, including two at third base. Old Bridge left six aboard, four in scoring position. The game-winning run, which resulted from errors in consecutive at-bats, was unearned.

Kyle White (22) congratulates Matt Lauri (7), of South Brunswick, after Lauri scored the first run of the game. Sunday, May 19, 2019
Kyle White (22) congratulates Matt Lauri (7), of South Brunswick, after Lauri scored the first run of the game. Sunday, May 19, 2019 (Photo: Kevin R. Wexler/

“The team that makes the least amount of mistakes is the team that usually wins a game like this and today that was the case,” said South Brunswick head coach CJ Hendricks, whose team entered the conference tournament final having gone undefeated in 12 of its last 13 games.

“I told them as much as it hurts, it’s OK to feel how you feel after a game like this, but no one remembers today when you win tomorrow. That’s pretty much been our attitude all season and that’s what’s kept us from losing two games in a row this year. We’ve got to play for something bigger tomorrow.”

South Brunswick will open play in the NJSIAA Central Group IV Tournament at home Monday against Montgomery. Old Bridge commences action in the same section at home against Sayreville.

Watch the first batters for both South Brunswick and Old Bridge as they battle for the GMC title. Sunday, May 19, 2019 Kevin R. Wexler, NorthJersey

As South Brunswick took infield and outfield prior to Sunday’s final, the Vikings yet again honored the memory of Attianese, laying one of the commemorative shirts bearing the No. 49 they wore before this year’s season opener against Old Bridge on the pitcher’s mound. The act generated praise for Hendricks’ class program on social media.

The Knights (19-6) and Vikings (16-5-2), who split their regular-season series to share the Red Division title, could square off a fourth time in the state tournament. Old Bridge, which has won nine of its last 10, will continue to play for Attianese.

Zach Attianese pitches for Old Bridge during a 2016 game.Buy Photo
Zach Attianese pitches for Old Bridge during a 2016 game. (Photo: Mark R. Sullivan/Staff Photo)

“It was tough our first regular-season game,” Baker said, referring to Old Bridge retiring Attianese’s jersey number during a ceremony before its home opener. “We came out and did it for him then and this whole season was for him.

“He’s been looking down us on 24-7. We did it for him today.”