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Eric Patterson Jersey Sale

Harris Funeral Home is celebrating 28 years of serving the community by assisting outstanding local students. The Harris Funeral Home Memorial Scholarship program, now in its 19th year, helps students reach their educational goals.

Each recipient is awarded a $500 scholarship to be applied toward any education-related cost, as is chosen by Cornelia Johnson, Teresa Smith and Harriet Billups of the Harris Funeral Home Scholarship Committee.

To date, more than $55,000 have been awarded to area students. This year’s three recipients are:

Curtis McMillian
Curtis is a 2019 graduate of Auburn High School. The son of Sarah McMillian plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design and major in Film and Television, with an eye toward a career in filmmaking and composing.

Celeste Frazier
Celeste graduated from Opelika High School in May 2019. The daughter of Monica Frazier is looking forward to becoming a part of the Alabama State University family. She plans to major in Computer Science, with a possible career as a system analyst.

Erica Echols
Erica graduated from Loachapoka High School in May 2019. The daughter of Kendra Ward and Eric Patterson plans to attend Chattahoochee Valley Community College and major in Public Safety, with the desire to one day become an emergency medical technician.

Don Clark Jersey Sale

Butler Snow, the fast-growing Am Law 200 firm concentrated in the Southeast, will expand in Baton Rouge when all 17 lawyers from KSWB join the firm Jan. 1.

With the lateral group, Butler Snow will grow its office in the Louisiana capital to 24 lawyers, making Baton Rouge its fifth largest location.

Don Clark, chairman of 385-lawyer Butler Snow, said the firm was looking to beef up in Louisiana, and the KSWB lawyers are a good match.

He said the existing Butler Snow lawyers in Baton Rouge suggested initiating talks with the KSWB group, and discussions have been going on for about six months. The two firms’ Baton Rouge offices are located in the same building, and KSWB senior partner Lee Kantrow said they will combine in his firm’s larger office after the first of the year.

“We were targeting Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We still hope to expand in New Orleans as well,” said Clark, who will step down as chair at the end of the year.

He said the firm is engaged in “ongoing discussions” with lawyers in both New Orleans and in Dallas, but is also eyeing growth in Denver and the Carolinas. The firm was included in the Am Law 200 this year with a debut ranking of 155.

In addition to Kantrow, the lawyers joining Butler Snow in Baton Rouge include Connell Archey, Sidney Blitzer Jr., Diane Crochet, Keith Fernandez, Jennifer Aaron Hataway, George Holmes, Lee Kantrow, Jacob Kantrow, W. Scott Keaty, Allena McCain, Julie McCall, Joshua McDiarmid, John Miller, Randal Robert, David Rubin, Bob Tucker and Richard Zimmerman Jr.

Kantrow, whose father founded KSWB in 1933, said the move to Butler Snow will benefit his firm’s clients, because of Butler Snow’s broad range of practice areas and its network of offices.

Butler Snow, founded in Jackson, Mississippi, has 27 locations.

KSWB’s practice areas include mergers and acquisitions, corporate, litigation, real estate, employment law, estate planning, succession work and health care, according to Kantrow. He declined to identify the group’s clients, but said they include hospitals, large medical practices, accounting practices, industrial companies and private equity firms.

Kantrow said the firm has been approached many times about potential combinations, but this was the first time a deal made sense.

“The more we had discussions, the more we thought there was a fit of cultures, fit of professional standards [and] dedication of professional service,” he said.

Roger Eason Jersey Sale

The Elephant in the Room

With the dust seemingly settled from Roger Eason Tua Tagovailoa’s hip injury, it’s up in the air as to whether or not he’ll be walking across a Vegas stage in late April 2020 to greet a smiling Roger Goodell.

So, what does that do to Jake Fromm’s draft stock?

Jake Fromm is a virtual lock to not only declare for the 2020 NFL Draft, but to be one of the first QB’s selected. Georgia fans ought to start saying their goodbyes, making their peace with the legend that was @JakefromStateFromm


When it’s the fourth quarter but your clients are calling about their insurance #GoDawgs

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8:12 AM – Sep 29, 2017
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Auto-insurance and audible extraordinaire.

If there’s one connection there, it’s that in a typical insurance-like manner, Jake Fromm didn’t lessen his draft stock over the course of this season. Not a loud year, not a quiet year, but enough of a presence to be the conductor of a powerhouse football train that is UGA. There are those that like to downplay an athlete’s ability or effectiveness by pointing to “all the talent surrounding him.”

But that’s a paradoxical argument. And I don’t buy it.

The Case for Fromm’s Departure
Jake Fromm was in attendance at the 2019 NFL combine, along with his teammate Andrew Thomas. Tua was there too, along with Travis Ettienne and Jonathon Taylor.

Why? I’ve been saying all along there’s something they’re not telling us…

Actually though, Adam Rittenburg of ESPN broke a story last year highlighting the NCAA’s Elite Football Symposium.

Launched in 2017, (it) provides high-profile college players information they need for the NFL transition, while shielding them from the combine spotlight. Held at NCAA headquarters, located several hundred yards from the hub of combine activity, the event puts players through three days of meetings about agents, money management, NFL contracts, scouting, social media and branding, and other topics. – Rittenburg

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t take my parents to a senior home until I actually wanted them to live in one. But like Jake Fromm, your day is coming, mother.

Fromm’s maturity along with his effectiveness as a decision-maker combine for a juicy QB prospect that many of today’s GM’s would find worthy of throwing an early-round pick at.

From the outside looking in, the timeline of Tua Tagovailoa’s injury paints a picture that leads most to the conclusion that Fromm will be off the board by the end of the 2nd round.

There has been on average three QB’s taken in the first round since 2010. With Herbert and Burrow virtual locks to go off the board first, Fromm’s resume and body of work beg consideration for QB3 in the 2020 NFL draft.

Bulldog Maven spoke with an NFL scout who bundled Fromm into the 2nd-tier of QB’s available in next year’s draft, with the likes of Jalen Hurts, and Jacob Eason. Both of whom have lost starting jobs at the D1 level, one to Fromm himself.

“I think he should definitely come out this year because his stock is as best as it’s going to get. Also, next year he’ll be fighting an uphill battle with Lawrence and Fields leading the 2021 crop.” – NFL Scout

The South Carolina Hiccup


Wide left!

South Carolina takes down No. 3 Georgia in Athens!

Embedded video
3:46 AM – Oct 13, 2019
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Fromm finished this game 28-51 for about 300 yards, with a TD to go along with his 3 picks.

One of the interceptions was the result of immediate interior pressure, but I guess you could always take a sack. One was due to a dropped pass right off the hands of his receiver.

On this play, (8:45) #5 Matt Landers didn’t seem to realize the down and distance. 3rd and 3, and he ran a 7/8 yard curl, whereas if he ran a 4-yard curl, Fromm’s ball was in the perfect spot for a 1st down.

These three picks make up the totality of Fromm’s interceptions in his 2019 campaign. Granted, he’s no Anthony Gordon, who’s averaging a smooth 430 yards and 50 attempts per contest. But when Deandre Swift is tote’n that thang behind Andrew Thomas and Co., why raid the air when you can pillage the ground?

The Case for Fromm’s Return in 2020
Fromm held himself largely responsible for the double-overtime loss against South Carolina on October 12th. And due to that loss, Georgia’s case for a playoff birth is reliant on what is sure to be an absolute bloodbath of an SEC championship.

Some may remember Fromm’s introduction to the national scene, long before arriving in Athens, he was featured on QB1: Beyond the Lights, a documentary series that gives the nation a glimpse into the life of prolific high school quarterbacks during their senior season of high school football.

Fromm’s Houston County team was coming off two straight semifinal losses in the GHSA state playoffs his sophomore and junior seasons.

During an episode, Fromm is sent to a doctor’s office following an August practice in South Georgia. For the third straight season, Jake struggled with full-body cramps due to overworking himself and lack of hydration. As Fromm is seen receiving a Sodium IV drip to re-hydrate at the end episode, they close with Jake giving a quote that reveals his true character and provides the strongest argument for him staying another year in Athens.

“My senior season really means a lot to me. We lost in the third round the last two seasons. You get to watch some of your best friends cry on bus rides home ’cause we lost in the third round, again. Quite honestly, I’m tired of it. So, I’m trying to do all I can do to win a state championship. To make that dream come true.”

Fromm’s had a similar path his first two seasons as a Georgia Bulldog. Ample success in the regular season followed by heartbreaking losses in the postseason.

If he does come back, it won’t be because his stats or arm strength didn’t warrant a top pick. It’ll be because Jake Fromm always places his teammates before himself.

Keith Williams Jersey Sale

Labour has announced plans to slash rail fares by 33% and simplify ticket prices for part-time workers if it wins the election on 12 December.

The party also wants to make train travel free for young people under the age of 16 and build a central online booking portal with no booking fees.

The proposal is part of broader plans by the party to nationalise the UK’s train system.

Conservative Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the plan was “desperate”.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have also pledged to improve transport.

“Privatisation has created one of the most complex, exploitative and expensive ticketing systems in the world,” said Andy McDonald, Labour’s shadow transport secretary.

“Labour will scrap the bewildering and outdated fares and ticketing system that discriminates against part-time workers, discourages rail travel and excludes the young and low-paid.”

Labour says nationalisation – which it plans to achieve within five years of coming to power – will allow fares to be capped and improve the reliability of services.

The Conservatives’ Mr Shapps said: “This is another desperate attempt from Labour to distract from their inability and unwillingness to be straight with people on where they stand on Brexit, and the fact they would raise taxes on low and middle-income workers across the country.

“You simply cannot trust [Jeremy] Corbyn to deliver what he claims. His ideological plans would wreck our economy, cost people their livelihoods and with the help of Nicola Sturgeon, would waste the whole of next year on two more chaotic referendums.”

Presentational grey line
By Katie Prescott, BBC weekend business correspondent

In keeping with their proposals to nationalise the railways, Labour’s plans to significantly cut fares would see a reverse in the direction of travel for policies on train fares since privatisation.

Since 1995, successive governments have tried to move the day-to-day cost of running the railways onto fare-payers and away from the taxpayer. At that time, it used to be split 50/50 – now it’s more like 75% on the shoulders of the passenger.

The argument goes that by raising fares in line with the Retail Prices Index inflation figure each year, government spending on the railways can be reserved for investment in infrastructure.

Announced just two days after the average train fare rise of 2.7% was published, and coinciding with major industrial action on several lines in the run-up to Christmas, Labour’s proposal for a significant cut to fares could prove popular with commuters.

The future of ticketing and rail fares is just one of the issues being looked at by a major review into the UK’s railways due to report after the election.

It is led by Keith Williams, the former boss of British Airways, who is particularly interested in how innovation in aviation fares and ticketing could be applied to the railways.

Presentational grey line
Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats have pledged to freeze peak-time and season ticket train fares for the next five years and cancel the 2.7% rise in rail tickets from 2 January 2020. They also plan to complete the HS2 high-speed rail link.

And the Conservatives are pledging to improve transport links as part of a £3.6m Towns Fund.

They have also promised to give more funding to local combined authorities to improve bus and train services and put £500m into reversing cuts to the railway network made in the 1960s.

The Brexit Party’s flagship transport policy is scrapping the HS2 rail project – a goal it shares with the Green Party.

Tyrone Rush Jersey Sale

Jersey City police have arrested a man they say shot another man on July 3, authorities said.

Tyrone Rush, 35, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal attempt and conspiracy for the shooting of a 34-year-old man in the area of Martin Luther King Drive and Bidwell Avenue, Jersey City spokeswoman Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione said.

That shooting was one of at least seven since June 25 that left at least 14 people with gunshot injuries, according to Jersey Journal reporting. City officials said there have been several arrests in connection with uptick in shooting incidents over the past two weeks.

Shooting incidents and homicides are down in the city in 2019, compared to previous years. City officials blamed the uptick in violence “to be largely attributable to several key individuals being released from jail recently,” Wallace-Scalcione said.

Rush was arrested on July 3 after police identified him using CCTV video. He arrested by his parole officer after being alerted by Jersey City police, Wallace-Scalcione said.

Ken Hamlin Jersey Sale

Even in the Cereal Capital of the World, there had never been a promotion quite like it.

Sure, Wheaties had used its boxes to portray individual players in the 1930s– and even a mini set of rather unexciting cards meant to be cut from the back in 1952– but the 1961 Post Cereal baseball card set was a massive undertaking.

For three years, in fact, Post was a big-time baseball card manufacturer. The launch of that first set drew the attention of the Associated Press.

The Battle Creek Enquirer, located just a stone’s throw from where C.W. Post had founded his breakfast company in the 1890s, was one of the newspapers that carried the story. It included a photo of a teenage newspaper carrier posing with the cards and boxes.

The newspaper’s story offered some insight into how the promotion came together and even the names of the people at the company who were responsible for the details like setting up which boxes held which configuration of players.

The story indicated the idea had came to fruition a year earlier. While Post had produced a small series of individual multi-sport stars on its Grape Nuts boxes in 1960 that are rare today, the baseball card set was a different animal.

Post executives had invested significant resources in producing fresh photographs, text and stats, not to mention the logistics of designing and printing the cards on the backs of boxes that were often varied in size.

Fred Smart and F. Kent Mitchell, Post Products Division-General Foods, with 1961 Post cereal boxes in the background.
“There have been baseball trading cards printed as wrap-in premiums before, but never in the merchandising field has any company before assembled, photographed, engraved and printed 200 likenesses of as many players from one year’s major league teams,” wrote Jack Lefler, a business reporter for the Associated Press who hammered out the story in June of 1961.

Lefler reported that Post had put 400 million cards on the backs of its cereal. It’s an almost unfathomable total but considering how common Post cards are these days, it’s safe to say a fairly sizeable number of them have survived to this day. Lefler also stated that the company told him they didn’t short print Mickey Mantle, as was apparently the rumor at the time.

Post Cereal back panel baseball cards 1961

The story mentions the opportunity to send in two box tops and a dime for a team set of your choice. It also detailed the infamous faux pas that came from the error that initially labeled players from the newly formed Minnesota Twins as “Minneapolis.” As we wrote awhile ago, Post used the “goof” as an extensive marketing campaign in Twin Cities newspapers.

And if you’ve never noticed, the company put in what Lefler referred to as a “sly plug” for Post’s home turf. The 1961 Post Cereal card of Ken Hamlin reads that he “hails from Battle Creek, Mich., Cereal Capital of the World.”

Kenneth Durden Jersey Sale

NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Titans have placed five-time Pro Bowl linebacker Cameron Wake on injured reserve after the 37-year-old veteran was hurt late in their win over the Jaguars.

The Titans announced a handful of moves Tuesday.

Wake signed a three-year contract in March. He had 2 1/2 sacks in the opening win over Cleveland, giving him 100 1/2 for his career. Wake played in nine games this season.

The Titans also placed defensive back Chris Milton on injured reserve. They filled the spots by promoting a pair of undrafted rookies in outside linebacker Derick Roberson and cornerback Kareem Orr from the practice squad. They also added defensive lineman Joey Ivie and defensive back Kenneth Durden to the practice squad.

Roberson had 23 sacks in 32 games at Sam Houston State, and Orr had five interceptions in 20 games played at Chattanooga.

Jerry Crafts Jersey Sale

The Franklin County Annex Building at 839 Dinah Shore Blvd. in Winchester was not in its usual government headquartering format Friday and Saturday, looking more reminiscent of a carefully planned arts and crafts shopping area.

The Southern Tennessee Ladies’ Society Jerry Crafts held its Holiday Market throughout the former high school building with the main hallway strategically geared to move shoppers through the facility in front of all the boutique-style arts and crafts the fair had to offer, setting a festive tone for the gift-giving season.

Sandi Mackey, Holiday Market chairperson who also handles the organization’s publicity, said 58 total booths had been set up to accommodate 50 exhibitors with some occupying two spaces.

The event’s objective is to raise money for the STLS Scholarship Foundation which has benefitted 71 students from Franklin, Coffee, Grundy, Lincoln and Moore County high schools with a total of $209,000 in scholarships raised since its inception in 2009.

The STLS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds from the sale of booth spaces, food items and goods sold in the showcase booths benefit the STLS Scholarship Foundation.

Mackey said she was hoping that the Holiday Market would be able to add about $4,000 to the fund to benefit future students.

She said the Holiday Market serves a two-fold purpose — in addition to raising scholarship money, it allows arts and craft vendors an opportunity to showcase their items and allow the customers to share in unique offerings. She added that the fair promotes a local economy, unlike internet-derived sales.

“It’s wonderful,” Mackey said, adding that vendors from as far away as Crossville were at the event.

Susan Weir’s booth was called “Forever Faithful by Susan” and offered boutique jewelry items.

Weir, from Dunlap, said it was worth her time and effort to venture over to the other side of Monteagle to participate in the Holiday Market.

She said Friday afternoon that the turnout looked good, considering it was a work day with Saturday still to go when many residents would not be at their jobs and would be able to visit the event.

“I feel very happy with it,” Weir said. “I love the community feeling of the small-town atmosphere here, and the people are wonderful. They come by and really support the event.”

Larry and Sherry Wendland from Tullahoma said they enjoyed the opportunity to market Larry’s hand-turned writing pens made from exotic wood.

Sherry said the couple may be retired, but they keep active with the pen-producing operation.

“I love it,” she said, referring to the Holiday Market. “This gets me out of the house, and it’s a lot of fun.”

The couple agreed that they enjoyed interacting with those attending the event.

Jerry and Ann Lendley, also from Tullahoma, were showcasing their predominantly agate jewelry on behalf of their business, “Jerry & Ann’s Rocks.”

They said they attend 10 or 12 craft fairs a year, but the Holiday Market is one of the best they’ve experienced. The Lendleys said they plan to make repeat appearances.

Debra Mahler, Sadie Chandler, Charlotte Brown and Tina Roth are STLS founders and charter members.

They agreed that the Holiday Market and other STLS fundraisers serve a worthy cause.

Roth provided her assessment.

“It means a lot of kids get into college who couldn’t get there otherwise,” she said, adding that the organization’s fundraisers are well worth the effort.

Brown echoed Roth’s statements.

“It’s great because we help high school students who don’t have the funding to go to college,” she said. “It feels good to be a part of that.”

Chandler said in addition to creating educational opportunities, STLS involvement promotes fellowship among its members.

“There is wonderful camaraderie for the women who are involved in this,” she said.

Mahler agreed.

“It’s a wonderful way for us to get together for a good purpose,” she said.

Chandler said Mahler has been the driving force behind the organization’s formation and its efforts.

“She’s been a wonderful leader,” Chandler said.

The Holiday Market also attracted musical talent with patriotic singer and songwriter Angela Lashley participating to promote her musical career with “So Brave” CDs available and to simultaneously sell her unique champagne candles and vintage jewelry items.

Lashley resides in Nashville after honing her musical skills in her native Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She said the Holiday Market was enjoyable.

“It’s great to get the chance to participate in this,” she said, adding that it was great mingling with the people who attended the event.

Frank Youso Jersey Sale

Falls’ Youso, a former NFL player, to benefit from settled lawsuit
For as long as the recently settled class-action lawsuit against the NFL, filed on behalf of retired players now plagued by concussion-related brain injuries, had dragged on, International Falls’ Frank Youso wasn’t terribly optimistic that a reso…
Written By: Louie V. St George III | Dec 22nd 2016 – 9am.
International Falls’ Frank Youso spent two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.
For as long as the recently settled class-action lawsuit against the NFL, filed on behalf of retired players now plagued by concussion-related brain injuries, had dragged on, International Falls’ Frank Youso wasn’t terribly optimistic that a resolution was imminent.

“They’ve got so much money that they just keep pushing it aside,” the 80-year-old Youso said by phone earlier this month of the richest sports league in the world.

Less than a week after Youso spoke those words, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the league’s $1 billion settlement that covers more than 20,000 former players.

Youso and his wife, Evelyn, joined the lawsuit about five years ago.

He played for the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders, then a member of the American Football League. In 1958, the year Youso was drafted in the second round by New York, he appeared in the NFL championship game – the “Greatest Game Ever Played” – where the Giants lost in overtime to Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts. After three years in New York, the Giants released Youso so he could play closer to home, with the expansion Vikings. The offensive tackle became the first player ever signed by the Vikings, butted heads with coach Norm Van Brocklin for two seasons (1961-62) and, following a short-lived retirement, spent his final three years with Al Davis and the Raiders.

SEE ALSO: Chip off the old block: Lineage of Virginia basketball standout traces back to NFL-playing grandpa
Youso says he tore up both knees in Oakland – an injury to the right one ultimately ended his career. Today, he says, “I can’t feel anything in either leg, from my knees down to my toes.”

While those health issues are debilitating in their own right, more concerning is the effect of countless head impacts Youso endured on the field.

According to the complaint: “As a result, Youso has experienced cognitive and other difficulties including, but not limited to, headaches, dizziness, loss of memory, dementia, depression, fatigue, sleep problems, irritability, and neck and cervical spine arthritis and associated numbness/tingling.”

He says his neurosurgeon has told him he has signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

“If I’m going to get something in the garage, I have to go back about three, four times before I remember what it is,” Youso said.

The NFL estimates that “6,000 former players – or nearly three in 10 – could develop Alzheimer’s disease or moderate dementia,” according to the Associated Press.

Youso is a 1954 graduate of International Falls. He went on to play football at the University of Minnesota.

He says his first salary in the NFL was $8,000, plus a $2,000 bonus. When he retired from the Raiders, he was making about $14,000. The recent settlement with the league stipulates that the average payout will be about $190,000, but that is dependent on several variables, including age and playing experience. Because Youso is 80, his payment will be significantly less.

He hated to see the lawsuit repeatedly shoved to the backburner, not so much because of what it meant for him but because others needed the financial assistance.

“I know people, people that I played with, who are worse off than me,” Youso had said. “They’re just hoping this comes through and they get a little money.”

Harlan Miller Jersey Sale

The Redskins made an acquisition today, to account for the injuries piling in the defensive backfield.
Not long after reactivating Joshua Holsey from the PUP list to add to the depth in the secondary, the Washington Redskins found themselves scanning the free agent pool again. Holsey was recently placed on injured reserve with a partially torn ACL, decreasing the number of fully healthy cornerbacks on the Redskins’ roster to only three.

Washington worked out a number of defensive backs in light of the development, including former Eagles depth player Dexter McDougle. After considering multiple options, the Redskins settled on Harlan Miller as the latest addition to the active roster. They also filled open spots on the practice squad, signing defensive back Alex Carter, receiver Montay Crockett, and running back Russell Hansbrough, who took the spot which was originally intended to house Kapri Bibbs, before the Packers claimed him.

Washington Redskins

#Redskins sign DB Harlan Miller to the active roster, place CB Josh Holsey on IR.

DB Alex Carter, RB Russell Hansbrough and WR Montay Crockett have been added to the practice squad:

Redskins Sign Harlan Miller, Place Joshua Holsey On Injured Reserve
The Washington Redskins on Tuesday made multiple roster moves, including signing defensive back Harlan Miller and placing Joshua Holsey onto the Reserve/Injured list. The team also signed three…
6:18 AM – Dec 19, 2018
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Miller, 24, is a sensible signing for the Redskins, as he’s young, has decent physical traits, and pre-existing experience in the NFL. Miller was drafted in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals. Miller took snaps at both cornerback and free safety, logging one interception and one pass deflection in two years with the team.

Per Lance Zierlein of, Miller ran a 4.57 at his pro day for Southeastern Louisiana, and he had a strong showing at the Senior Bowl back in 2016. He’s not very fast or athletic for a defensive back, but he’s competitive, tenacious, and has experience that will prove valuable in a relatively young, untested cornerback group. Miller’s moderate degree of versatility could also prove valuable, as safety Montae Nicholson’s status is up in the air following his recent arrest.

NEXT: How the Redskins can reach the playoffs in 2018
As the Redskins gear up for a possible playoff push, they may make more moves down the line. To stay up to date with all the latest roster transactions, be sure to stick with us here at Riggo’s Rag!